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Fraktalisman is a project that started in the early days of internet before the new millennium. Since 1997, Fraktalisman is a place for artistic, literary and technologic experiments and utopia.

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Topics are time travelling, science-fiction novels, new views of well-known things and places, artistic projects, and last but not least, links to artists, writers, and programmers.

Fractals, the phenomenon that gave name to this project, are fascinating images that bring mathematics to life in form of colourful and infinitely detailed pictures. Fractal forms are similar to the forms of nature. They can be found again and again in endless variations in the details of rendered images. That is why fractals are facinating not only for scientists and artists, but also for philosophers. The butterfly theory connects modern science with ancient wisdom of Buddhism and brings back a spirituality to modern western culture that has been lost for many people by the secular liberation of the western society.